Emela ntouka

Emela ntouka - Ahuitzotl Photo via Wikia In the Aztec Nahuatl language means spiny aquatic thing or thorny of water. For example police officer who had claimed to see childsized frogman in changed his story

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T Z What is your favorite type of Sasquatch Hairy Humanoid messages Thewhititan Gonna have to think little. In year old Ostman was prospecting the deserted forests near Powell River British Columbia when seized by giant apes while sleeping according to his account police at age. Their forelimbs are short and armed with long claws but they have no hind legs instead bodies taper into snakelike tail | 10 Lake Monsters That Aren't Just Nessie Rip-Offs - Listverse

Loveland Frogmen Photo via Wikia The of Ohio are as many three creatures possibly aliens who have been seen around rivers in area since. Prepare to discover new set of bizarre still unexplained aberrations that may never satisfactorily

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Appalachia - Cryptid Wiki | FANDOM powered by WikiaExtinct MokeleMbembe Thylacine American Hyena. Much of that is contained lakes with legendary monsters are lowrent ripoffs the Loch Ness . It holds all those beings that are neither humanoid draconic extinct animals or normal simply odd place. Ostman was offered shoots by the female who also stacked dry leaves. Prepare to discover new set of bizarre still unexplained aberrations that may never satisfactorily . As monster it more like an anthropomorphic imp whose skin is covered shells

In local mythology grootslangs were primordial creatures comprised of the head and front elephant back tail enormous serpent. It was described fivehanded amphibious hyena that inhabited bodies of water around Tenochtitlan now the Mexico City area. Beast Of Busco Photo via Wikia Oscar the Churubusco Indiana was supposedly snapping turtle that weighed kilograms lb and size dinner table. He divides his time between investigating North American cryptids and recapturing escaped exotic animals. First reported in Momo is described as to feet tall with broad pumpkinshaped head and supposedly covered foot thick dark fur. T Z See more discussions Retrieved from http wiki Bigfootoldid Categories Disambiguation Featured Article Cryptids Hairy Humanoids North America Minus Mexico and Caribbean Sasquatch Genuses Historical Primates Living fossil Giant Out of Place Spirit Aliens Global Languages Bahasa Indonesia Русский Fan Feed List Skinwalker Ningen Explore Wikis Nate Stephen King The Darkest Minds Games Movies TV Follow Overview About Careers Press Contact Terms Privacy Policy Sitemap Local Community Central Support Contributor Program WAM Score Help Can find you love Create your own start something epic. Out of Place Black Panthers Kangaroos Lions. Some such as the yeti colloquially known abominable snowman are believed to inhabit Tibet Nepal and India while Yeren alleged Hubei China. Eerily no confirmed debris or wreckage discoveries were ever made below the merging point and mysterious fate of Lt. DobharChu Photo credit Bango Art The Irish huge creature that part otter and wolf. Almas Hibagon Ngoui Rung Skunk Ape Sasquatch Swamp Stalker of Boggy Creek Yeren Yeti Yowie Description Do you think it was Bigfoot is heavy bipedal humanoid . See this page history on the Wayback Machine search for all website histories. Then it laughs in Good Samaritan face before swims away. That makes the Congo weird place for kind of living fossil to roam

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In a bizarre twist one victim identified the mad gasser women dressed man and high heeled shoe prints were found. The name Ogopogo wasn adopted until when it lifted from title of popular English musical hall number called Funny Foxtrot looking for little


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  • Much of that is contained lakes with legendary monsters are lowrent ripoffs the Loch Ness . Loveland Frogmen Photo via Wikia The of Ohio are as many three creatures possibly aliens who have been seen around rivers in area since. Copyright Listverse Ltd All Rights Reserved

  • Each creature has description that defines what it is and where seen plus list of resources such books websites documentary films mention the . As recently sighting was reported The New York Times. Numerous sightings of the creature have been made over years British missionary named John Batchelor who was working Hokkaido early recorded one such his book Ainu and Their Folklore writing that great sea monster with large staring eyes had attacked three local fishermen boat round shape emitted dark fluid noxious odour fled dismay not so much indeed for fear they say but account dreadful smell

  • The Salt Water Crocodile does exactly this in Australia suggesting Altamahaha could be another yet unknown crocodilian species with greatly lengthened body to facilitate ocean hunting. The term is sometimes synonymized with Sasquatch hominoid cryptid found North America. In this eerie list we will look at exceptional cryptids unexplainable disasters and strange anomalies that do not fit any standard category

  • The tail may be made of pure copper which was common in land around Lake Superior. V i G

  • Whatever the truth this event should destroy any sense of safety as you sit in your home anywhere world. Although cryptozoology doesn get much respect from other scientific disiplines it has had some spectacular success stories including pongo now known gorilla okapi an animal that looks like cross between giraffe and zebra coelacanth prehistoric fish thought extinct. In the murky mangrove filled estuaries of Georgia wild coastline bizarre creature has been reported waters Altamaha River dating back to early century

  • When they could not find a suspect claimed fumes had blown into house from industrial centers but local diesel plant denied these claims. DobharChu Photo credit Bango Art The Irish huge creature that part otter and wolf

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